The Board of the WCE comprises 6 individuals all of whom bring extensive experience, developed throughout their careers, of building sustainable relationships with a variety of public sector bodies to achieve positive change locally. 

There is awareness within the Board that nothing substantial or radical will be achieved within the White City without the close cooperation of different organisations (public, private and third sector) working together with the citizen at the centre. This collective expertise of bringing together multiple agencies to deliver successful outcomes is a key strength.

Harry Audley (Chairman of Tenants and Residents Association 

Harry Audley Chairman of Tenants and Residents' Association, school governor and former chair of local authority housing ALMO. Assessor for CIH/Housemark and former inspector for the Audit Commission.

Rosemary Farrar (Treasurer)

Chartered Accountant and executive director for a large Housing association, Chair of Governors of Schools Federation, board member of urban regeneration enterprise and former Chair of ALMO Finance committee. Jointly set up one of the first Community Gateway Housing Associations.

Cathy Maund-Director of Community Gardens Association

Worked in the borough for 22 years in a range of capacities including company secretary of HCGA,  vice chair Fulham Urban Studies Centre and a board member /company director of the London City Farm, advisor for lottery programmes and holds a good understanding of issues of promoting and empowering local residents and communities.

Giles Piercy (Chair)

20 years working in management consultancy dedicated to local public services, local government assignments covering a very broad range of services, including assessing the level of interaction between different public service organisations and specific, highly dependent, families. Set up a business specifically for the purpose of supporting local councils and communities do more to promote Localism and devolve power and budgets to communities. Significant experience with central government departments and specifically aspects of those departments responsible for Local Public Services, including extensive work with: DCLG, Cabinet Office, DfE and the DoH

Andy Sharpe-Chief Executive urban regeneration enterprise,

Providing a range of services to the local community and instrumental in setting up and delivering many local initiatives. With a career embedded in community development work and community involvement and participation by local people, particularly marginalised sections of the community managing a range of children's services including Good Parenting Programme. Involved in establishing Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations and Neighbourhood Forum, worked with local tenants and residents associations to secure community facilities.

Kevin Veness

30 years working with local communities, particularly the tenants' federation. Supporting residents involved in Tenants' & Residents' Associations to enable people to work with or challenge the

policies of the local authority, running a small grants scheme, working on regeneration schemes and capital works. Former Council Member, chairing several Committees and Sub-committees, as well as a member of the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority and AMA Housing Committee.