Play Project

White City is a densely populated, built up area of Hammersmith and Fulham where residents often have limited access to private outdoor space. However, we are well served with parks and open spaces and White City Play Project was set up to promote positive play in these spaces. We’re about making use of the open spaces, providing stimulation and diversions to local families to engage in play.

We think play should be child-led and our play workers are highly skilled in coordinating interesting play diversions for children.

We deliver sessions at least twice a week, every week in the parks around White City or open spaces including Wormholt Park, Hammersmith Park and Bridget Joyce Square. We are also building partnerships with other organisations such as Hammersmith Community Gardens to promote outdoor family activity, particularly in school holidays. White City Play Project is funded through the Third Sector Investment Fund up until April 2021.

We’ve had some great outcomes so far, below are some of this year’s highlights:

  • Since January 2017, 513 parents of children with complex needs have attended play sessions
  • In the last year we have delivered over 78 separate play sessions
  • This year local residents have accessed our play sessions 1,724 times through our outreach.

Here’s what people have said!

‘When you are here the children are busy playing with other children and we adult can actually relax and have a chat with other parents.’
‘It’s nice to bond with other parents and to play with my child with different things…rather than the swings, the park doesn’t offer anything that allows us to play and my son to play with other children as well.’
‘This project is great and makes the kids very happy(father of 2 girls)’
‘Children find it so easy to make friends…but this (the outreach project) is also an excuse for us parents to bond when our kids are there playing!’
‘I find it difficult sometimes to trust my child when he does activities he has never done before and I understand that it’s a limitation for him, as I put my own worries on him. The more he does things new to him, the more confidence he gains…and me, I have to get use to him doing things he has never done. You help this process!’